Knight Protector, by Sally Odgers

Simon Knight isn’t too happy about running in the cross country. But when he falls into a hedge he’s not sure he likes the alternative either. It seems that this alternative involves a ride on Traveller, the horse who once before transported him to the strange land of Braveria.

Simon soon finds himself back in Braveria where, as Sir Simon, he is once again called on to help the King. Someone, it seems, is out to cause mischief to the King’s daughter. Who better to protect her than Simon? Along the way he must contend with dragons – some fearsome and others simply annoying – clinging damsels and meddlesome knights, as well as the princess herself, who isn’t so sure she needs looking after. Poor Simon!

Knight Protector is the second book in the Reluctant Knight trilogy by superb children’s author, Sally Odgers. With a winning mix of fantasy, danger and downright silliness, these books are sure to appeal to young fantasy readers aged 8 to 12. Although reading the two in order will enhance enjoyment, each is self-contained.

Sally Odgers is an award-winning Tasmanian writer who continues to show her versatilty with excellent offerings in a range of genres for different age groups. Knight Protector is no exception.

Knight Protector, by Sally Odgers
Koala Books, 2003