Killing Superman, by Mary-Rose MacColl

Scott Goodwin lost his father when he was eighteen but has never been able to accept that his father is dead. At his funeral, Scott refused to cry because he was sure the man in his coffin was not his father. Afterwards, he tried desperately to prove the wrong man had been buried and to find his father, who he was sure was still alive. Now, twenty years later, Scott has come to accept that he will never know the truth. Until he meets Emily, who offers to help him.

Scott shares his story with Emily as he falls in love with her. But when they travel to France and Scott sees his father on a beach, he has to confront the truth about his father – and about Emily.

Killing Superman is an intriguing tale about grief, love and lies. Readers will find themselves drawn into the double mystery, struggling alongside Scott for understanding.

A gripping read.

Killing Superman, by Mary-Rose MacColl
Allen & Unwin, 2003