Wonderful, by Andrew Humphreys

In the years of prohibition and the Great Depression, a Hungarian ‘doctor’ by the name of Jozsef Kiss arrives in Hollywood with his chimpanzee, Siggy, who he is determined to make a star. Siggy soon becomes Siggy the Wonder Chimp, with a rapidly growing list of movie credits, including the widely applauded Jungle Man films.

Both Siggy and Joszef must adjust to life amidst the whirl of Hollywood, at times stumbling from one movie to the next, one drink to the next.

At times funny, at others poignant, the story seems to capture the essence of the golden age of the Hollywood studio system, where stars were stars, and where the world of film offered an escape from the economic, social and political troubles of the time. Movie buffs will love the nostalgic feel of the book, and the movie blurbs which punctuate the novel, illustrating Siggy’s career.

The second novel for Sydney-born Andrew Humphreys, Wonderful is a story of friendship, dreams and history.

Wonderful, by Andrew Humphreys
Allen & Unwin, 2004