Aussie Pony Tales 3, by Sheryn Dee

There is nothing Jessie likes better than riding her horse Magic. So, one perfect day, she and Magic set off for a picnic in the bush. All goes well, until Magic decides to take a dip in the Murray River. Jessie knows she shouldn’t follow Magic in – but what if her horse drowns?

Bush Picnic is the first of the two stories in this chapter book for four to seven year old readers. In the second story, Magic falls sick after eating some poisonous weed, and Jessie helps Mum and Dad nurse him back to help.

This is the third title in the Aussie Pony Tales series. Each volume has two short tales about Jessie and Magic’s adventures on the family farm in the South Australian Riverland. They are sure to appeal to young readers, especially horse-mad girls.

Aussie Pony Tales 3: Bush Picnic/A Magic Mixture, by Sheryn Dee, illustrated by Matt Cosgrove
ABC Books, 2004

Mary, the Big Brown Hairy Spider, by Lyn Lee

Mary the spider has a lovely big back yard all to herself – but she is very lonely. So, when a family come to live in the house, she is very excited. She decides to make them feel welcome by spinning some special webs for them.

At first the people are not too pleased to have a big spider in their yard. But one night Mary sees a burglar break into her family’s house. She uses all of her cunning to outwit the man, and wins over the family at the same time.

Mary, the Big Brown Hairy Spider is a SOLO title from Omnibus, specially designed for beginning readers making the transition from first readers and picture books to chapter books. The simple plot line and language are well supported by illustrations on every page, provided by the talented Kim Gamble. At the same time, the mix of action and humour will hold young readers’ interest.

A cute read.

Mary, the Big Brown Hairy Spider, by Lyn Lee, illustrated by Kim Gamble
Omnibus, 2004

Aussie Pony Tales 4, by Sheryn Dee

The Aussie Pony Tales series are aimed at young horse lovers making a transition to first novels from more highly illustrated picture books and readers. Each title has two stories about the adventures of seven-year-old Jessie and her pony Magic.

This is the fourth title in the series, written by author Sherryn Dee. In the first story, Magic Goes to School, young Jessie almost misses school when the car has a flat tyre and the spare is off getting fixed. But Jessie convinces Mum to let her ride Magic to school and Magic provides a welcome distraction for the other students.

In the second story Jessie and Magic become heroes, when Mum needs help urgently. Mum’s baby is coming, and when Jessie and Magic can’t find Dad anywhere, they ride to town to find a doctor instead.

With plenty of horse action and simply told stories, these tales are a great blend of interest and accessibility for young readers. They are especially likely to appeal to 6 to 8 year old girls.

Aussie Pony Tales 4: Magic Goes to School/The New Moon, by Sheryn Dee
ABC Books, 2004

101 Ways to Advertise Your Business, by Andrew Griffiths

As the levels of competition rise and the fight for the dollar becomes harder, business owners must examine and evaluate the best ways to advertise their products and services. Advertising must not only be economically viable, it must get the best possible results.

Andrew Griffths, one of Australia’s leading small business writers aims to demystify advertising for the small business owner. Presented in easy to understand language and a user-friendly format, the book explains where and how to advertise a business for maximum effect.

Griffiths, a professional marketing consultant, presents information in a step-by-step manner which is easily accessible and guides the reader towards improving their business, of whatever size, with smart, effective and affordable advertsing.

An excellent resource for any business owner.

101 Ways to Advertise Your Business, by Andrew Griffiths
Allen & Unwin, 2004