101 Great Solar System Facts & Trivia, by Simon Torok & Paul Holper

Is there life elsewhere in the solar system?
How do you remember the order of the planets?
Why is Mars red?
Where do comets come from?

All these questions and many more are answered in this intriguing title from science writers Simon Torok and Paul Holper. Readers journey through the book from the Sun, to Mercury and all the way to Pluto, with sections exploring the Moon, comets, asteroids and more.

There is a chapter devoted to each planet explaining the origin of its name, its size and composition, its discovery and observation. Humorous cartoons and serious facts pepper the text, all presented in down to earth language and with an Australian focus, which will engage young readers.

The authors both work for the CSIRO. Simon Torok has previously edited Helix magazine and Paul Holper has a an education qualification to go along with his science degrees, making both well qualified to write on science topics for kids. Previous titles include 101 Great Australian Adventures and the Amazing Science series.

101 Great Solar System Facts and Trivia would make a great addition to the classroom or school library, but is just as suitable for private reading.

101 Great Solar System Facts and Trivia, by Simon Torok & Paul Holper
ABC Books, 2004