Laugh-a-licious – Jokes for Kids, by Tim Trewartha

Knock Knock
Who’s there?
Genoa who?
Genoa any new jokes?

Kids love jokes. And although there is no shortage of joke books on the market, there is always room for another.

Laugh-a-licious is a well organised collection, with the jokes arranged by themes and the knock-knocks presented in alphabetical order. Themes include school, animals, mealtimes and – a section which kids will love – gross jokes, presented in a chapter called Snot Funny.

Trewartha endeavours to present new jokes, rather than overdone ones which kids may already know. The design of the book, with a range of page backgrounds, cartoon-style illustrations at the beginning of each chapter and a good-sized font, makes it easy to browse and enjoy.

Laugh-a-licious will appeal to kids aged 8 to 12, and would be a good offering for a reluctant reader.

Laugh-a-licious: Jokes for Kids, by Tim Trewartha
Ibis Publishing, 2004