Dragons of Galapagos, by Bruce Whatley

The land dragon looks for a place to lay her eggs. She needs shelter, safety and warmth. There is only one place suitable – on the floor of the volcano.

Risking her life, the land dragon climbs down into the volcano, digs a burrow and lays her eggs. Some time later her eggs and the eggs of others hatch. The hatchlings must climb out of the volcano and evade the circling hawks. One little dragon battles the odds to eventually find a safe place.

The Dragons of Galapagos is a story of survival, by acclaimed author/illustrator Bruce Whatley. Youngsters will be enthralled by the factual basis of the book as well as the outstanding illustrations. Great for classroom sharing as well as home collections.

The Dragons of Galapagos, by Bruce Whatley
Lothian, 2003