Madoop and the Mountain Mower, by Jonathan Gould

The King couldn’t believe it. He’d never seen anything like these magnificently majestic mountains in his life. They were so incredibly huge, with their snow-covered tips soaring into the heavens. The King felt awed. He felt humbled. Then he felt angry. He knew now there was only one thing he could do.
“I have to get rid of those mountains,” the King raged.

The mythical kingdom of Oopsalonia is ruled by a very tiny King. King Oppsbert does not like being tiny. So, when he notices that the kingdom is surrounded by giant mountains, he orders that they be destroyed.

Madoop, one of the King’s loyal subjects, loves the mountains surrounding Oopsalonia, and is appalled that the King wants them destroyed. He tries to convince the King that the mountains should stay. But the King is not easily convinced.

Madoop and the Mountain Mower is a funny, cleverly crafted tale of wisdom and of self-esteem. Madoop, a young, insignificant boy, is able to help the King overcome not just his hatred of the mountains, but his insecurities relating to his size.

Madoop is a yellow level title in Macmillan Education’s Breakers series. Aimed at readers with a reading age of around 10 years, it is suitable both for classroom and private reading.

A clever book.

Madoop and the Mountain Mower, by Jonathan Gould
Macmillan education, 2003