Rowan of Rin – The Journey, by Emily Rodda

Since 1996 Australian children have followed the fantasy adventures of Rowan of Rin by one of Australia’s favourite children’s authors, Emily Rodda. Rowan is an unlikely hero who emerges, through the five books which make up the series, as a brave and strong leader. With his friends he experiences thrilling adventures and, along the way, comes to have faith in his own abilities.

Now, Scholastic has released the five books which make up this wonderful series as a single hard cover offering at the reasonable price of $29.95. For collectors and lovers of fantasy this is a real treat.

Individual Reviews of the Five Rowan stories can be found here on the Aussiereviews site:

Rowan of Rin (1993)
Rowan and the Travellers (1994)
Rowan and the Keeper of the Crystal (1996)
Rowan and the Zebak (1999)
Rowan of the Bukshah (2003)

Rowan of Rin: the Journey, by Emily Rodda
An Omnibus Book from Scholastic Australia, 2004