Drowned Wednesday, by Garth Nix

He’d been expecting something to happen all day. He couldn’t believe it was already half past four on Wednesday afternoon and there was still no sign of weird creatures or strange events. Lady Wednesday only had dominion over her namesake day in the Secondary Realms, so whatever she planned to do to him had to happen before midnight. Seven and a half hours away…

It’s been an interesting start to the week for Arthur Penhaglion. Both Monday and Tuesday have seen him travel beyond his own world into the mysterious reaches of the House, where it seems he is destined to fulfill his role as Rightful Heir to the Keys to the Kingdom. His reluctance to take on the role is of no consequence.

Now, on Wednesday, he is in hospital with a broken leg and serious asthma. He knows, however, that that won’t stop him from being summoned back to the House. Sure enough, the summons comes and Arthur find himself being carried from the hospital on a ship which sails right into his room. Soon he is meeting the terrifying Drowned Wednesday and searching for the third key.

Along the way he meets pirates, talking rats and a giant whale with a massive eating problem. He must also track down his friend Leaf who has unwittingly been brought into the House along with Arthur.

Drowned Wednesday is the third book in the Keys to the Kingdom series by award winning fantasy author Garth Nix. Like the other offerings in the series to date, this one is fast paced and full of action and colourful characters. For those who have read the first two titles, this one is perhaps a little predictable, although there are differences in setting and characters. The predictability of the plot is likely to be less strinking for younger readers than for those in their teens.

Fantasy fans as young as ten will be drawn to the series.

Drowned Wednesday, by Garth Nix
Allen & Unwin, 2005