Amazing Science, by Simon Torok & Paul Holper


• Have you heard about the turtle that breathes through its bottom?

• Did you know that your toilet seat is probably more hygienic than you kitchen chopping board?

• How do you drop an uncooked egg 10 metres without breaking it?

The answers to these questions and many more bizarre, baffling and simply amazing pieces of information can be found in this volume.

This new edition is actually a bind-up of four smaller, earlier titles – Weird! Amazing Inventions & Wacky Science, Whiz! Maths & Science Puzzles, Zap! Science Experiments and Wow! Science Facts & Trivia – and as such features a range of activities and facts, presented in a fun, easy to follow format, which will keep young scientist entertained for hours and interest children who think they aren’t ‘in’ to science.

The authors, Dr Simon Torok and Paul Holper both work for the CSIRO and have backgrounds working with kids, so are well-equipped to present such a book. The illustrations, by Stephen Axelsen, add to the entertainment.

An excellent read for kids aged 8-12 and for classroom and library collections.

Amazing Science! by Paul Holper and Simon Torok
ABC Books, 2005