Page Seventeen, Issue 1

Born of a frustration at the lack of publishing opportunities for new and emerging writers, Page Seventeen is a new twice-yearly collection of short stories, poetry, photographs and illustrations by Australian creators.

Independently produced by Celapahene Press, the publisher set up by writers Kathryn Duncan and Tiggy Johnson expressly to create this opportunity for Australian writers, the 132 pages of this volume offer an eclectic mix of different genres, forms and styles. What is common between pieces is the quality of the writing which has been well-chosen and well blended, with each new offering different from the one previous, but not jarring in its difference.

The binding and presentation of the volume is attractive, with a coloured cover and black and white photographs and illustrations peppered throughout. Contributor biographies are included at the end of the book.

This is an venture which is worthy of support. Submission and purchasing details are available at the Page Seventeen website.

Page Seventeen, Issue 1, edited by Tiggy Johnson and Kathryn Duncan
Celaphene Press, 2005