Clearing the Pack, by Michael Panckridge

As soon as I started to jog in for the kick, I knew I was struggling. I hobbled and wobbled and had no sense of timing or coordination as I dropped the ball onto my foot.
It was the worst kick of my life. It floated for about 15 metres then hit the ground. I couldn’t believe what I’d done.
The ball bounced. And bounced again. It rolled forward.

Surfing, cricket and tennis are all over. Now it is football season at Sandhurst School, and with it, the Legend of Football competition. Mitchell Grady is leading the overall Legend competition, but school bully Travis Fisk is determined to change that.

The difference this time around is that football is a team sport, so Fisk and Mitchell, and the other contenders, are all on the same team. Is there a way Fisk can stop Mitchell from even competing? And will it make a difference?

Clearing the Pack is the fourth title in The Legends series and whilst self-contained, continues the ongoing struggle between Mitchell and Fisk, as well as the story of friendship between Mitchell, Jack, Bryce and Bubba and the mystery of the school library.

This is a good solid offering for upper primary aged readers.

Clearing the Pack, by Michael Panckridge
Black Dog Books, 2003