Seven Ancient Wonders, by Matthew Reilly

The odds were stacked against them.
Their rivals numbered in excess of 200 men.
They had only nine.
Their rivals had massive logistical and technical support…The Nine were only carrying only what they’d need inside the mine.

As the Earth heads towards what could be the most monumentally important day in its history, nations are involved in a scramble to locate the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Hidden within each of these wonders is one of the seven pieces of the capstone to the Great Pyramid. And this capstone holds the key to world domination – if only it can be assembled in time.

Every nation that knows the significance of the looming solar event is keen for a shot at the power. Two big forces look to be in the running – a European coalition led by the Vatican, and the mighty US. But a small group of nine, an unlikely coalition of representatives of eight small nations, is determined to make sure that no one nation should possess ultimate power. Led by Captain Jack West, former Australian SAS, the nine race through the wonders, avoiding booby traps, unlocking secret messages – and avoiding the might of the opposing teams.

Seven Ancient Wonders is an action-packed quest through the Wonders, with author Reilly unrelenting in the twists and surprises he delivers. Readers are kept guessing throughout as the drama plays out against awesome backdrops. Whilst some of the details of pathways, booby traps and secret chambers can be a little difficult to follow, this can be forgiven by the action, which is really what drives the story.

An epic quest.

Seven Ancient Wonders, by Matthew Reilly
Macmillan, 2005