The Water Spirits, by Emily Rodda

Princess Jessie! The village of Lirralee invites you to baby Jewel’s Welcome Party on Saturday afternoon. The party begins at three o’clock and ends when the birds go to bed. There will be music, dancing, games and lots of food. Please come!

Jessie can’t wait to enter the fairy realm and go to Patrice’s old village for a party. But inside the realm, as she follows a daisy trail to the party, she is set upon by mud wubbles. When the water sprites rescue her, Jessie wants to do them a good turn as repayment. But when she does, she unwittingly causes more trouble than she set out to fix. Soon the water sprites and the people of Lirralee are at war, and baby Jewel is held captive. It is up to Jessie to find a solution.

The Water Sprites is the second title in the second series of the Fairy Realm series by one of Australia’s most popular children’s authors, Emily Rodda. This delightful hardcover offering is sure to find a place in the hearts (and libraries) of girls aged 6 to 10.

The Water Sprites, by Emily Rodda
ABC Books, 2005