The Seventh Tower Volumes 1-3, by Garth Nix

A long time ago, darkness fell upon the Castle. A veil was created over the world, upholding the rule of magic. One war ended…and another silently began.

Taj has spent his whole life living in darkness and knows nothing else of the world. But when his father disappears, Taj finds himself without a sunstone strong enough to protect him and his family – his ailing mother and his younger brother and sister. To find one he must venture outside the Castle and scale one if its magnificent towers.

But outside Taj finds himself in increasing trouble. He is rescued by his shadowguard but finds himself swept away from the castle and from all that is familiar. Finding himself among strangers, Taj is soon on a quest with an Icecarl warrior named Milla. Together they will seek out new sunstones and discover the secrets hidden by the veil.

This bindup brings together the first three books in The Seventh Tower series – The Fall, Castle and Aenir – in a hardcover volume. Garth Nix is one the leading fantasy creators, both in Australia and internationally, and the world created here will absorb young readers aged ten and over.

The Seventh Tower, Volumes 1-3, by Garth Nix
Scholastic, 2005