Pearlie and the Christmas Angel

Jasper thought for a minute. ‘Will you take the angel’s place…just for one night?’ he asked Pearlie.
‘Me?’ exclaimed Pearlie. ‘But…I’m so shy…and…I…’
‘Go on, mate,’ said Opal. ‘You have to do it for the children. A tree without an angel? It just wouldn’t be Christmas!’

It is nearly Christmas and Pearlie and her friends can’t wait for the Carols by Candlelight in Jubilee Park. But then a fierce summer storm hits the park and the decorations are ruined. Pearlie and her friends manage to redecorate the tree and clean up the rubbish, but the angel from the top of the tree has been damaged and has caught a cold. Pearlie’s friends encourage her to overcome her shyness and save Christmas Eve for the children.

Pearlie and the Christmas Angel is a delightful story for Christmas or any time of the year. Pearlie and Opal the fairies and Jasper the elf, along with their various animal friends are cute characters, brought to life in full colour illustrations by Gypsy Taylor, based on original character illustrations by Mike Zarb.

This is the sixth story in the Pearlie series by author and comedienne Wendy Harmer, and will especially appeal to to kids aged 4 to 8.

Pearlie and the Christmas Angel

Pearlie and the Christmas Angel, by Wendy Harmer
Random House, 2007