Mr McGreevy's Absolute Howlers, by Norman McGreevy

Some of the patients were plastered, and some were hanging from the ceiling.
Henry V111 by his own efforts increased the population of England by 40 000.
The end of the World will mark a turning point in everyone’s life.

Norman McGreevy hates to see the English language corrupted – hates it so much that he’s collected dozens of examples of misuse of words and put them together in this little volume. These are slips from students’ essays, assignments and exams, and range from the plain silly to side splittingly funny.

Guaranteed to have you laughing out loud and reading bits out to anyone who’ll listen, the howlers are categorized by subject, though the subject matter is often an unintentional by-product of a misused word. Humorous line illustrations add to the fun.

Would make a great gift.

Mr McGreevy's Absolute Howlers

Mr McGreevy’s Absolute Howlers, by Norman McGreevy
Allen & Unwin, 2006