Sweetie May, by Lisa Shanahan

They rolled an old barrel full of diamonds up to the chest. Together they climbed up and slowly peeked over the rim. There on a bed of shimmering rose rubies, curled tight like a perfect pearl, was a tiny baby.

Captain Wildehide and Captain Leanbeam love to argue. They argue about anything and everything, from morning to night. The only thing they agree on is how much they both love treasure. So, when they find a cave filled with treasure they are delighted – until they discover that, as well as treasure, the cave has a baby in it. They can’t leave the baby alone in a cave – so they take her back to their ship.

Now they have something new to agree on – both captains love the baby. But still they argue – over who loves her most, over what needs to be done for her, and more. Perhaps they’ll never stop fighting – unless the baby can get them to stop.

Sweetie May is a gorgeously funny chapter book for early and middle primary aged readers. The two pirate captains are loveable, their fights silly and their discovery of a lone baby will intrigue and delight readers. Whilst Sweetie May doesn’t talk, her character is strong and endearing, aided by the line drawing illustrations by Kerry Millard.

Now part of the ABC kids fiction imprint, Sweetie May was first published in 1998, and was a CBCA Notable Book the following year.

Sweetie May (ABC Kids Fiction)

Sweetie May, by Lisa Shanahan, illustrated by Kerry Millard
ABC Kids Fiction, 2007

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