Ruby Rosemount and the Doomsday Curse, by Jodie Brownlee

Ruby tugged the trapdoor open and peered into the darkness.
‘Let’s get inside before someone sees us,’ said Avalon, bracing herself against the wind.
Ruby swallowed hard then stepped inside. Avalon and the magic carpet crowded in behind her. A sudden gust blew them forward and the trapdoor slammed shut. All was black.

Ruby Rosemount and her friends are off to Babylon to begin their studies in magic at the Academy of Peace. But then Ruby’s Mum and Grandma disappear and a terrible Doomsday Curse has been invoked which may mark the end of the world.

As Ruby, Jaffa and Avalon try to uncover who is behind the curse and how it can be reversed, Ruby also has to unravel her family’s history. Could it be that her father, who she thought was dead, is still alive.? And if he is, is he behind that curse?

This is the third title in the Ruby Rosemount series, and has a wonderful blend of magic, mayhem and humour. In earlier stories, Ruby is twelve when she discovers she is half genie. Now, she faces a battle to get her mother to allow her to learn magic and grow up as a genie rather than return full time to the human world. At the same time, she needs to build her confidence in her magical abilities if she is to stop the Doomsday Curse from taking full effect.

There is lots to enjoy here, and will appeal to readers from age 8 up.

Ruby Rosemount and the Doomsday Curse, by Jodie Brownlee
Omnibus, 2008