A Brief History of the Island of Dipsquittie

What an honour and a pleasure it is for me to write this book.
For thirty years I have been a Professor of Places Nobody Heard Of. I have written a great many books on unheard-of places. But, strangely, nobody seems to have heard of my books. That was really starting to pip me off and I was seriously thinking of becoming a Professor of Books Nobody Has Read. But then the most amazing thing happened.

Poor Professor Loder-Bull. He holidays in Scotland only to get lost in a blizzard. But just when all seems lost, he is rescued by a pink-and-purple tartaned Scot named Fergus. And finally, it seems that Professor Loder-Bull has found a place-nobody-has-heard-of that he can tell the world about. Dipsquittie is an island visited only by those blown off course by the elements. Once there, visitors discover a peaceful, happy settlement with a King and Queen whose main role is to hold parties. There was a battle with the occupants of the northern part of the island many, many years ago, but that is so long ago as to be almost forgotten. Then two Moo Coos arrive followed by Samuel B Gliblip. He has plans. And the Moo Coos are just the start of it.

A Brief History of the Island of Dipsquittie is a delightful romp through the history of an island happily lost beyond the rainclouds and wind of storms. Fortunately, Brother Bedsoc kept an account of the war, how it came to start and how it turned out. King Eggberga and Queen Syllia both played a part, as did Will Winkle/Tinkle, the undercover spy and a ten year-old boy, Flub. It was a most unusual war. The text is enhanced by illustrations scattered throughout and around the text (reminiscent of Terry Denton’s illustrations in the margins of the ‘Just’ series). A Brief History of the Island of Dipsquittie begs to be read aloud, allowing the listener to savour all the sookie eggs and stuffed blurtfish on offer.

Recommended for mid- to upper-primary readers.

A Brief History of the Island of Dipsquittie

A Brief History of the Island of Dipsquittie, by Prof Walter Loder-Bull, ill Janine Dawson
Omnibus Books 2008
ISBN: 9781862917620

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