Watch Me!

I’m grey and furry
and cuddly, too.
Watch me CHEW!

This board book with a difference features simple rhyming text introducing favourite Australian animals – koala, kangaroo, kookaburra, crocodile, emu, wombat and more . The illustrations are 3D motionprint, with readers able to tilt the book up and down to see the koala chew, the kookaburra fly and so on.

The rhyming text flows well and also encourages young listeners to guess the motions, and page backgrounds are brightly coloured – purples, greens, oranges and blue. The text is large and coloured to complement the backgrounds, with key words (mostly verbs and adverbs) set in white and with embellishments to accentuate the movements of the animals.

This sturdy offering will delight littlies from birth and up to about six, with the novelty of the ‘moving’ pictures being especially attractive to those at the older end of the range.

Watch Me!: Aussie Animals in Action!

Watch Me!: Aussie Animals in Action
Scholastic Australia, 2008

This book is available from Fishpond. Buying through this link supports Aussiereviews.