The Wand and the Sword, by Mike Zarb & Robin Gold

Sweet shmegeggy!’ exclaimed Burnie. ‘It’s the Redwitch!
The Redwitch snatched the wand from its display case. ‘Old York is mine…ALL MINE!’ She kissed the wand with a loud SMACK.
‘Yech!’ grumbled the wand. ‘Take a breath mint, will ya?’

Belmont and Burnie face danger once again as they head off on an exciting quest to find Excalibur and save Old York from the Redwitch, who is up to her usual mischief.

In this, the second story featuring Belmont, the small boy who has unexpectedly become the champion of Old York, and Burnie, his friendly dragon sidekick, the fast paced action and humour continue.

The text works together with the colour illustrations, combining to give the feel of an episodic cartoon in a format likely to appeal to reluctant readers and to children making the transition from picture books to first novels.

Loads of fun.

The Wand and the Sword (Belmont and the Dragon)

Belmont and the Dragon: The Wand and the Sword, by Mike Zarb and Robin Gold
Random House, 2009