Cronin's Key Guide Australian Reptiles and Frogs

Australia is home to some 760 species of reptiles and 200 frogs. Among them are the largest and most fearsome predator on earth – the estuarine crocodile; the world’s deadliest snake – the mainland taipan; a lizard that walks on water – the beaded gecko; and an amphibian from the harshest deserts – the water-holding frog.

The Cronin’s’ Key Guide series provides an accessible guide to identifying the wildlife of Australia. In the fifth title of the series, Australian Reptiles and Frogs , biologist Leonard Cronin provides detailed species identification notes, including a coloured drawing, distribution maps and notes on appearance, behaviour, development, habitat and any threats to the species.

A useful field guide for a traveller or bushwalker, this would also make an excellent family reference.

Cronin's Key Guide to Australian Reptiles and Frogs (Cronin's Key Guide)

Cronin’s Key Guide to Australian Reptiles and Frogs (Cronin’s Key Guide), by Leonard Cronin
Allen & Unwin, 2009

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