The Tower, by Michael Duffy

It took the two uniformed officers a while to get out of the car. When they did, one of them was sick in the gutter. His partner took a few steps backwards, her eyes fixed on the dead woman on the roof. She had obviously fallen from a very long way up.

When a young woman falls from high in the construction site of what will be the world’s tallest skyscraper, detective Nicholas Troy becomes part of the investigating team. To Troy, homicide investigations are the highest form of police work. But as he delves into the underworld of the Sydney business community, he sees the dark side of police work, of business and of life itself. Sometimes, he soon realises, decisions are not easy, and motives not clear. For the first time in his career, Troy must make decisions which may threaten that very career in order to keep himself and his family safe.

The Tower is a gripping debut novel from author Michael Duffy, who has previously written on crime and other matters for the Sydney Morning Herald, as well as writing biographies, playing in bands and presenting on radio. Duffy draws on his knowledge of Sydney and its darker side to bring the novel to life. The action and mystery are combined with the pleasing character development of Troy and of other characters in a satisfying blend.

The Tower

The Tower, by Michael Duffy
Allen & Unwin, 2009

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