Australian and World Records 2011

Australia has a great tradition of ‘big things’ by the roadside: large sculptures or statues that serve as advertising or structures in their own right. Many were designed as, or have evolved into tourist attractions. There are more than 150 ‘big things’ in Australia. Here are some from all around the country. The Big Blue Heeler
This 2.4 metre dog lives at Muswellbrook and was created with many in the community playing a role. Weighing over 150 kg, and made from fibreglass and steel, local artist Charlotte Drake-Brockman painted the heeler modelled on her own dog, ALF.

Ever wondered what the world’s fastest flying insect is? Or where the wind blows fastest? What about which country drinks the most juice? Well, wonder no more. That information and much more is here in the Australian and World Records 2011. You can also plan your trip around Australia to visit every one of the ‘big things’. There’s the big mozzie (not sure that’s a great advert for your town) and the Big Redback Spider. Blitz your next trivia event with the depth of your random knowledge. You will know which country recycles the most steel and which whale dives deepest. So much information, presented in a large novel-size paperback, divided into subject headings and featuring colour photos on every page. Also included are the four ‘runners-up’ in each category.

Australian and World Records 2011 brings the weird and wonderful to young readers. There are records for popular culture, with most played songs and Xbox games. There are sports records and movie records. In short there is something for everyone. There’s even a record for the amusement park with the most rides. Readers will enjoy the range of records portrayed here. Comparisons will be made with other well-known record books, but the strong Australian presence here will appeal. This is a book ideal for dipping (made easy by the colour-coded chapter page edges), but others will find it addictive and have to read right through! Recommended for readers who love facts and trivia.

Australian and World Records 2011, Jennifer Corr Morse & David G Harris
Scholastic 2011
ISBN: 9781741698121

review by Claire Saxby, Children’s Author