The Important Things, by Peter Carnavas

Christopher’s mother had to do everything,
for his father had faded from their lives.

With his father gone, Christopher’s mother tries hard to fill the gaps. But when she decides it is time to give away the things which belonged to his father, Christopher finds it hard to remember. Together, mother and son find ways to remember.

The Important Things is a beautiful picture book tale of loss and of celebrating the important things of life. With the father’s absence left unexplained, it is a book which could be used to explore the theme of death, but also family break up or simply ways of remembering people who are important to us for a variety of reasons.

From author/illustrator Peter Carnavas, The Important Things is delightful.

The Important Things

The Important Things, by Peter Carnavas
New Frontier, 2010
ISBN 9781921042287

This book can be purchased in good bookstores, or online from Fishpond.