Genesis, by Lara Morgan

Now on the last line that would fit on the screen, the letters and numbers were slowing and then, when there was hardly any room left, a semicolon appeared and stayed there blinking for a few seconds. Rosie and Juli watched it, holding their breaths as words started forming.
Shore beacon activated. Code entered. Target acquired. Searching …

When Rosie finds a strange box on a scavenging trip, she is intrigued. But when she and her friend Juli open the box, they unleash a terrifying chain of events, which sees Rosie on the run – first across the city and then across the solar system to Mars. Relying on the help of strangers, Rosie must uncover the secrets of the box before it is too late.

Set 500 years in the future, Genesis is a thrilling young adult science fiction offering, the first in a trilogy. Rosie is a battler, a determined girl who is one of the Bankers, an underclass of a much changed society. She is supported by a range of characters, including an aunt she wants to emulate, a man who has his own agendas, and a teen boy for whom she feels a growing attraction. Together, Rosie and her friends work to learn the secrets of the box and save what remains of her family.

Suitable for teen readers who will look forward to the next instalment.

Genesis (Rosie Black Chronicles)

Genesis, by Lara Morgan
Walker Books, 2010
ISBN 9781921529399

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