Dress Rehearsal, by Zoe Thurner

‘This term we’ve had a bank robbery, an abduction and this crazy show. You kids are running wild, Lara. It’s too much.’

Lara Pearlman is a teenage girl with a busy life. She loves shopping for retro clothes, eating anything loaded with cream and chocolate and a boy called Blake. Her best friend Oggy likes some of those things – which can, at times be a problem. Add to that the complication of her other friend, Nathan, seeming to want to kiss her, and life is pretty complicated.

At school, Lara’s drama class is preparing for a production – but the drama isn’t all on the stage. There are relationships starting and finishing, friendships in trouble, and cast members coming and going. Oggy and Lara witness a bank robbery, and are part of an abduction, both of which have ramifications they don’t foresee.

Dress Rehearsal is a funny, turbulent story full of highs and lows as the likeable Lara shares her journey in an honest first-person voice. At times the reader will want to shake her, but this is part of her appeal – the feel that she is a real, flawed teenage girl.

Dress Rehearsal is an outstanding debut novel for West Aussie author Zoe Thurner.

Dress Rehearsal

Dress Rehearsal, by Zoe Thurner
Fremantle Press, 2011
ISBN 9781921696671

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