The Missing Case, by Simon Haynes

At first Hal thought Stinky’s brain had overloaded, but then he recognised the fire alram. Sirens shrieked, hazard lights lashed, and a panicky voice blared from hidden speakers.
‘Fire alert. Fire alert. Emergency personnel report to the E-section canteen. this is not a drill. I repeat, this is not a drill!’
Hal and Stinky staered at each other in horror. now they were really in for it!

When Hal starts a fire in the space station’s kitchen, he is in big trouble. Now he’s going to miss the school camping trip. Unless he can do soemthing to redeeem himself. If he can entertain an important visitor’s child, his paernts will reconsider. But Alex is not at all what Hal expects. For startes, she’s a girl, and then she’s simply not that impressed with what the space station has to offer. It might just be that keeping out trouble is even harder, with Alex arund.

Hal Junior: The Missing Case is the second title in the Hal Junior series, and efatures more humours sci-fi adventures. Hal is a typically cheeky, adveturous kid, living in a settign which is anywhere BUT typical – an ageing space station. He has to use his sharp wits, and a lot of luck, to keep himself out of trouble.

Hal Junior: The Missing Case will appeal to primary aged readers.

Hal Junior: The Missing Case, by Simon Haynes
Bowman Press, 2012
ISBN 9781877034251

Available from good bookstores or online from Fishpond.