Kill the Music, by Nansi Kunze

Forcing a smile, I walked away into the wings and got out my phone. I’d never been a fan of forensics shows on TV, but I had a vague idea that the longer you left things at a crime scene, the more evidence was destroyed or contaminated. If I got the police in quickly enough, maybe they could find out who I’d been listening to before anything drastic happened.

To an onlooker, it might seem that Lorna Powell has it all. She lives with her brother and his friends, who make up the super popular band Turmoil. Money is no object, so she has a hot new car, and travels the world. But it’s not all as good as it seems. Lorna craves time alone, away from the craziness of living with four rockstars, and friends her own age. So when they buy a house back in Australia and Lorna starts school, she hopes things are going to change. But when she uncovers a plot to blow up the band, Lorna’s life seems to be changing just a bit too much. Suddenly she’s an undercover detective, trying to work out who’s got it in for Turmoil, while juggling her school work, her new friends, and her changing relationship with handsome band member Marius.

Kill the Music is an exciting blend of mystery and romance, with plenty of humour, set in the music world, a mix which will appeal to teen readers. Lorna’s first person narration escorts us into her world, and lets us experience the highs and lows of life with a boy-band, the only family she has. It’s not exactly a normal life, but Lorna is actually a pretty normal girl – she has insecurities, she is good at some things and not so good at others, and she wants to have friends and do normal teenage things. In between catching whoever is after her brother and his band mates.

Suitable for teen readers.


Kill the Music, Nansi Kunze

Kill the Music, by Nansi Kunze

Random House, 2013

ISBN: 978085798015

Available from good bookstores or online.


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