Cows Say Moo, by Graeme Base

Cows say moo. But what sounds do other animals make? Children and adults alike have long been delighted by the amazing detail of Graeme Base’s artwork, along with his stories in books such as Sign of the Seahorse and Animalia. Now, though, the very young are being offered a series of fold-out flap books, the … Continue reading “Cows Say Moo, by Graeme Base”

The Legend of the Golden Snail, by Graeme Base

Sailing ship, rise and shine, Hoist your ails and trim them fine, Taste once more the salty brine, For with this spell I make you mine! Wilbur loves to hear the tale of the legendary Golden Snail. Captured by a Grand Enchanter and banished to the ends of the earth, the snail now languishes on … Continue reading “The Legend of the Golden Snail, by Graeme Base”

The Waterhole by Graeme Base

Reviewed by Magdalena Ball   Graeme Base’s children’s books are special. They are the sort you read and re-read and save for your grandchildren. Artist and author Base’s vivid and highly detailed drawings are so sumptuous, so full of fun and whimsy, without compromising on realism that you can look at his work long after … Continue reading “The Waterhole by Graeme Base”

Awards, Awards and More Awards

It is awards season in the Australian book industry, and I have been a bit remiss in not posting about the various short lists and awards announced in recent weeks. So, here’s a wrap-up. Firstly, the Notable books and shortlists for the annual CBCA Children’s Book of the Year Awards was announced. These books will … Continue reading “Awards, Awards and More Awards”

Australia's Greatest People & Their Achievements, by Linsay Knight

Can you name Australia’s longest-serving Prime Minister? Which Australian sportsman is the only cricketer to have received a knighthood from the Queen? What important scientific discovery is Howard Florey famous for? If there’s a child in your life who doesn’t know the answers to these questions (oe even one who does), then Australia’s Greatest People … Continue reading “Australia's Greatest People & Their Achievements, by Linsay Knight”