Colossal Machines, by Nick Hughes and Mini Goss

Many animals work to help human beings – elephants, oxen, horses, even dogs. So if dinosaurs were still alive, would they help out too?

Colossal Machines explores this question, in a fun lift the flap format. Each double page spread, with flap, compares the work done by contemporary machinery, with what could be contributed by different dinosaurs. For example, a wrecking-ball’s work could be equally as well done by the bulbous tail of an Ankylosaur.

Combining two favourite subjects with youngsters (especially preschool boys) – dinosaurs and machines – and superbly illustrated by the talented Mini Goss, this clever book is sure to delight three to five year old readers.

Colossal Machines, by Nick Hughes, illustrated by Mini Goss
Koala Books, 2004

Colossal Creatures, by Nick Hughes

Dinosaurs lived long ago and grew to a massive size
But if they lived with us today, you wouldn’t believe your eyes.

Kids love books with different formats, and Colossal Creatures, with a flap to lift on every page, is sure to delight. The simple rhyming text by Nick Hughes, contrasts the ancient dinosaurs with the animals, people and buildings of today.

The highlight of the book is the brilliant illustrations of Mini Goss, who conistently produces work of this standard. Bold colours and lively detail are Goss’s specialty and in Colossal Creatures she makes excellent use of the lift the flap format.

Colossal Creatures, is equally appropriate for the home and educational context.

Colossal Creatures, by Nick Hughes, Illustrated by Mini Goss
Koala Books, 2002