How To Keep Dinosaurs, by Robert Mash

What do you give to the person who already has one of everything? A pet would be nice – especially if it were a dinosaur. But if you are planning to do so, perhaps you should start with this book, a complete guide to the care and breeding of every conceivable breed of dinosaur.

With chapters devoted to every type of dinosaur – including Dinosaurs for Beginners, Dinosaurs for Security Work and Dinosaurs for Eggs and Meat – as well as chapters devoted to the best places to buy your dinosaur and how to deal with common ailments and cures, this is a superb guide. The photo-like illustrations will give insight into the asthetic qualities of possible purchases.

A useful volume for the dinosaur enthusiast – novice or expert.

How to Keep Dinosaurs, by Robert Mash
W & N Illustrated, 2003