Fergus at the Fireworks, by JW Noble

It’s New Year’s Eve, the year’s last day
Time for the annual fireworks display.

Fergus the Ferry, with a load of passengers is watching the fireworks. He sees Fireboat George start the display with a big swoosh, and wishes he too could do something to make everyone cheer.
When the fireworks end, other boats send up distress flares. George realises they are doing this for fun, and so does not respond. But, when a flare hits a boat’s sail, fire breaks out and the people on board need help. Quick thinking Fergus and his Captain, Joe, rescue the trapped sailors and Fergus is rewarded by the cheers of the watching crowd.

Fergus and the Fireworks is a cute story in rhyme, likeley to appeal to preschoolers. The Sydney Harbour setting and the bright illustrations by Peter Townsend will appeal to Australian youngsters, whilst the message about responsible use of flares and being wary of crying wolf may appeal to parents.


Fergus at the Fireworks, by JW Noble, illustrated by Peter Townsend
Scolastic, 2003