Priestess of the White, by Trudi Canavan

When Auraya’s village, Oraylyn is in trouble, held ransom, her quick thinking finds a solution which is acceptable to all, and Oraylyn is saved. As a reward, Auraya is offered the chance to train as a Priestess. Time passes and Auraya is appointed by the gods to be one of the five guardians of the White. She has barely grown used to the idea when she is sent on a mission, as an ambassador trying to bring all the races of northern Ithania together, in line with the wishes of the gods.

But Auraya and the other chosen have many challenges ahead of them, not the least of which is the rise of a cult which seeks to claim power for themselves and to eradicate all non-believers.

Priestess of the White is the first in the new Priestess of the White series by Trudie Canavan, author of the much-acclaimed Black Magician Trilogy. This new offering is fast-paced and features an array of characters – human, animal and beast-like – which will draw the reader in and keep the pages turning.

Good stuff.

Priestess of the White, by Trudi Canavan
Voyager, 2005