Storymaze 4 – the Golden Udder, by Terry Denton

Did you know that udders are creatures from a different dimension that float down to Earth and attach themselves to cows? When they shed their skins annually they create rubber gloves. You didn’t? Well, perhaps you should read The Golden Udder where you will learn these facts and plenty of other useless and unreliable tidbits of information.

The Golden Udder is the fourth in Terry Denton’s series and features Nico, Claudia and Mikey on a new adventure into parallel worlds and beyond the known universe. This time they find they ahve inadvertently stolen the Queen of Fresia’s Golden Udder and must get it back to her. The reader must steer them through the storymaze, past warped jokes and impossible storylines, to safety.

Kids will love the complete silliness of the Storymaze concept, filled with comic strip illustrations, jokes and general silliness.

The Golden Udder, by Terry Denton
Allen & Unwin, 2002