Nest Boxes for Wildlife, by Alan and Stacey Franks

The lack of suitable nesting places is one of the biggest problems faced by many of Australia’s endangered animal species. Without hollows for nesting, these animals cannot breed, forcing population sizes into a dangerous downward spiral. The provision of nesting boxes can, however, be a lifeline.

In Nest Boxes for Wildlife: A Practical Guide, passionate wild-life advocates Alan and Stacey Franks share their experiences of building, maintaining and observing nest boxes. The guide includes plans and instructions for building and installing different kinds nesting box, as well as detailed advice for monitoring boxes and enjoying the vistors which might come to make use of a box.

This is an excellent guide for anyone interested in building a nest box and/or playing a part in the conservation and restoration of endangered animals. Written in lay-man’s terms, it is neither preachy or patronising, being instead accessible to all readers.

The book is available from good bookshops or at a reduced price from the Green Book Company, phone (03) 9427 8866 or (outside of Melbourne), freecall 1800 646 533.