Stegosaur Stone, by Patricia Bernard

Five minutes later they reached the track that ran along the cliffs of Reddell beach. Abba poked her head above the bushes to see if it was safe to break cover. With a hiss of warning she dropped to the ground, gluing herself to the earth. Giles did the same as two men staggered up the hill carrying a heavy load in a blanket slung between them.

When Abba, James and Giles sneak out at night to see the Stegosaur footprints in the National Park, the last thing they expect is to witness a murder. But they do, and then don’t know what to do about it – if they admit to being witnesses they will all be in trouble with their parents for even being there.

The next day they discover that, as well as a murder, the Park was the scene of another crime. The Stegosaur prints have been stolen.

The three teens decide they must collect enough evidence to prove who committed the crime and where the precious prints are now. There isn’t much time and they are up against a gang which has already proven itself capable of murder. Will they survive long enough to ensure justice is done?

Stegosaur Stone is a fast-paced novel for 10-14 year old readers, and is especially likely to appeal to those with an interest in fossils and lovers of mystery titles. Set largely in Brooome, in the north of Western Australia, with the final action playing out in Sydney, young readers will learn about a place they may know little about.

A thrilling read.

Stegosaur Stone, by Patricia Stone
Scholastic Press, 2004