Angel Breath, by Glenda Millard & Dee Huxley

With no eggs and no fat chickens, all Pierre has left is his pig. But oh, how he loves Jean-Jacques! He is a fine fellow, big and black and whiskery.

It is Autumn and the poor farmer, Pierre and his pig, Jean-Jacques, are searching for truffles. Pierre dreams of the money they will have if they can find some. He will buy himself a new red beret and, for Jean Jacques, a fine leather collar.

Jean-Jacques does not know what truffles smell like, but Pierre tells him they smell like the breath of an angel. When Jean-Jacques smells something beautiful, he is sure it smells like an angel. But are there truffles underneath the mound of leaves in the forest – or something far more beautiful?

Angel Breath is an evocative book from one of Australia’s foremost children’s authors. Set in the European forest, the tale is warm and the characters endearing. The subdued colours of Dee Huxley’s illustrations are perfect for the setting and tone of the story.

Children will love the twist in the story and guessing what it is hiding under the leaves. Adults will love the gentle, lyrical text.


Angel Breath, by Glenda Millard and Dee Huxley
ABC Books, 2005