Wheels, by Delwyne Stephens

Reviewed by Jackie Hosking

Without testing the water how can we know what is shallow and what is deep?

Fifteen year old Shane Jamieson is put to the ultimate test when he loses the use of his legs in a motocross accident. He soon learns that many aspects of his life are surprisingly shallow; his girlfriend, his father’s obsession with winning and his own insecurity.

Delwyne Stephens tells an amazing story about Shane as she sits us in his wheelchair and shows us that frailty and strength are not the opposites that they may first appear to be.

Wheels is a courageous story that leaves the reader feeling blessed no matter what their life circumstances. It is about faith and hope but mostly Wheels is about life and not being afraid to live it authentically with dignity and with grace.

Well done Delwyne. Your debut novel is terrific!

Wheels , by Delwyne Stephens
Published by Futuretrack, 2006