It's a Girl Thing, by Sue Lawson

I thought entering the Diva Competition would be the answer to all my dreams. Now I’m sitting in a hall filled with a million other girls. My knees feel like rubber. Suddenly I’m not sure this was a good idea after all.

Mickey Farrell is the odd girl out in her sports-mad family. She loves singing. And her dream is to one day be the hottest singing sensation in the country, so when she sees an advertisement to take part in the Diva competition, she knows she has to give it a go.

At the first round of auditions, Mickey starts to realise some of the challenges of this frustrating industry. The hall is packed with girls all eager to be the next big thing – but only a few can go through to the next round. The judges are not easily impressed. Then there are the other girls – some of whom, like Mickey’s new friend Erin, are really nice, but others, like Coco, think only of themselves. Mickey isn’t sure how she’ll get through the day, let alone the whole competition.

It’s a Girl Thing is the first title in a new series from Black Dog books aimed squarely at primary aged girls. With a sparkly cover, a back-of-book personality quiz and lots of girly action, this is sure to appeal to 8-12 year old readers.

It’s a Girl Thing, by Sue Lawson
Black Dog, 2006