One Woolly Wombat, by Kerry Argent

One woolly wombat sunning by the sea
Two cuddly koalas sipping gumnut tea…

So begins this classic Australian counting book, which this years celebrates twenty five years of publication. First published in 1982, the book has been reprinted numerous times and continues to be one of the best counting books on offer.

From one to fourteen, author/illustrator Kerry Argent offers a quirky parade of Australian animals, including wombats, koalas, numbats, dingoes and more, with rhyming text and the use of coloured pencil and watercolour wash to bring the scenes to life.

This is an endearing offering which has a timeless appeal likely to see it in print for many more years to come.

One Woolly Wombat

One Woolly Wombat, by Kerry Argent
Omnibus Books , first published 1982, this edition 2007

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