Rosemary for Remembrance, by Felicity Pulman

The wolf’s howl shattered the dark, secretive forest. Startled, Janna spun around, straining to pinpoint the direction of the sound. At the sudden movement, the flame of her torch flickered and almost died. Fighting panic, she cupped her fingers around the flame to protect and steady it.

Janna lives with her mother on the edge of the village and close to the forest. Her mother is a healer and villagers come to her with their ailments, even against the wishes of the local priest. Janna longs to leave the village and have the freedom to see the world, but when her mother dies suddenly, Janna realises how very frightening being alone can be.

Janna is convinced her mother’s death was no accident, but proving this is very difficult – Janna has no power and few friends. Yet she seems to be rapidly accumulating enemies – a posturing apothecary, the priest who denies her mother a churchyard burial, and even the husband of the woman Janna’s mother was treating when she died. It seems Janna’s own life might be taken before she has time to figure out who killed her mother.

Rosemary for Remembrance is an exciting mystery story set in medieval England. Janna is a strong teenager, fighting against the odds in her quest for truth and justice. Teen readers will find her strength and perseverance appealing, and will enjoy the novelty of the setting.

Rosemary for Remembrance is the first of The Janna Mysteries and readers will soon be looking out for the next title.

Rosemary for Remembrance (Janna Mysteries S.)

Rosemary for Remembrance, by Felicity Pulman
Random House, 2005

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