Puffling, by Margaret Wild & Julie Vivas

“When you are strong enough and tall enough and brave enough, you’ll leave the burrow all by yourself,” said Big Stripy Beak. “You’ll waddle off into the dark as fast as you can so the scary gulls can’t catch you.”

Little Puffling lives safe in the burrow with his parents, Big Stripy Beak and Long Black Feather, but he knows that one day he will have to leave the burrow and begin life on his own. He waits impatiently – but not without some reservations – for the day that he is strong enough and tall enough and brave enough to waddle off to the sea. In the meantime, he enjoys the company and care of his parents.

Puffling is a delightful new picture book from the amazing team of Margaret Wild and Julie Vivas. Wild’s text is gently lyrical, with Puffling’s repeated questions and his parent’s reassuring answers forming the heartwarming core of the tale. Vivas’ illustrations in pastel and watercolour pencil feature earthy browns and the night time blues of the cave and the ocean surrounding Puffling’s home. Puffling is a baby puffin, but Vivas manages to also make him any child with doting parents.

A delightful story for bedtime or any time, this is a tale of reassurance.

Puffling, by Margaret Wild and Julie Vivas
Omnibus, 2008