Fivefold, by Nathan Burrage

A bright citrus orange in the shape of a crude hand, about shoulder height. How could he have missed that?
Ashvin didn’t stop to think about what he was doing. He walked towards the glowing hand without hesitation. Morgan brushed past him and Elsie was moving behind him, but Ashvin remained intent on the hand. He needed to touch those fingers. Now.
Nothing else mattered.

When James Burrage finds himself in trouble with the law, his friends rally around to help him. The five take a break in Yorkshire, where on a country walk they stumble across a ruined cathedral. What lies buried beneath the ruins starts them on an amazing journal into myth and legend, as each of the five discovers amazing new abilities. The group are helped by others with similar abilities and threatened by dark forces intent on stopping them from completing their new quest.

Fivefold is an eerie debut novel from Sydney author Nathan Burrage. Exploring ancient supernatural forces and rewriting historic, biblical and mythologic events, the modern day story changes the lives of the five central characters but also sees a reshaping of the future.

Gripping reading.

Fivefold, by Nathan Burrage
Bantam, 2008