I'm Still Awake, Still, by Elizabeth Honey & Sue Johnson

‘I’m still awake, still!’ called Fiddy.
‘Not tired, little Fiddy?’ said Parlo. ‘When I can’t sleep I dream up something wondrous and sing about it in my head. Try that, little Fiddy.’

Fiddy is a busy little boy so, when bedtime comes, he finds it hard to get to sleep. Marlo tries reading him a story, and Parlo tells him to sing a song in his head. But Fiddy is still awake. His family are busy downstairs, so Parlo seeks help from the animals and flowers. Eventually, it is Nonno’s song, and his patience, which lull Fiddy off to sleep.

I’m Still Awake, Still is more than a bedtime story, though it is certainly that. Accompanying the tale, illustrated by Elizabeth Honey, is a CD recording of the songs which feature in the story, written by Honey and singer/composer Sue Johnson, from band Coco’s Lunch. The story is also read aloud by Honey on the CD, and the lyrics of the songs are printed on the endpapers of the book.

There is much to be discovered here, and enjoyed on different levels and at different times. One could imagine the CD, for example, being played at rest time either at home or in a childcare setting.

A lovely offering.

I'm Still Awake, Still!

I’m Still Awake, Still, by Elizabeth Honey and Sue Johnson
Allen & Unwin, 2008

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