My First Fairies, by Jen Watts

This sparkly four-book set of board books is presented as a boxed set. The individual titles introduce the characters from the ABC television series. Main characters Rhapsody and Harmony have their own books. Rhapsody’s book is pink, her favourite colour. Harmony’s book is also in her favourite colour, purple. Fans can discover about their favourite characters. Each of the other two titles features two characters from the series. Twinkle and Wizzy share a book, as do Barnaby and Elf. Their individual personalities are detailed, and the attributes they share. The background colour is consistent throughout each title and matches the cover. Characters float above a bed of flowers.

My First Fairies is a four-book collection of sturdy eight-page board books, tucked neatly into a sparkly pink box. Each title is small, almost square with rounded edges ideal for little hands to hold and ‘read’. Readers will recognise the characters from the television series and learn more about their individual traits. Each double spread includes a simple statement on the left and an illustration on the opposing page. There is no story as such, rather the intent is to familiarise with the nature of each character, their strengths, and for some, their challenges. For example, not all Wizzy’s spells work quite the way he intends. Recommended for preschoolers.

My First Fairies Jen Watts
ABC Books 2008
ISBN: 9780733322631