The Hottest Boy Who Ever Lived, by Anna Fienberg

Hector was sad.
He was unbearably, bone-achingly sad.
‘No offence, Minton,’ he said to his salamander, ‘but I would give up my mangoes, my treehouse, even my view of the volcano, just for someone to talk to.’

Hector is the hottest boy who ever lived, which makes it hard for him to be around other people. Only Minton, the fire salamander, can get close to him. But whilst Hector is glad to have Minton, he is still lonely.

When a storm sweeps Hector and Minton away to cold snowy lands, they meet Gilda, a Viking adventurer, who likes Hector’s warmth. Though it takes the other Vikings some time to get know Minton, soon his life has changed for the better.

First published in picture book format, The Hottest Boy Who Ever Lived is a gorgeous chapter book showing the strength and the magic of friendship. Illustrated in colour, this is an ideal text for beginning readers, but independent readers will also enjoy the absurdity and gentle humour of the concept.

From the creative team behind the Tashi series, The Hottest Boy Who Ever Lived is a heart-warming tale.

The Hottest Boy Who Ever Lived: A Minton Adventure

The Hottest Boy Who Ever Lived , by Anna Fienberg & Kim Gamble
Allen & Unwin, 2009

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