Spineless, by Bronwen Scott

Australian homes and backyards are abuzz with wildlife: flies in the bedroom, possums in the roof, earwigs in the potplants and spiders hanging from windows and racing across walls. There are ticks on the dog, fleas on the cat and nits on the children’s hair.

When you have bugs, insects or spiders visiting your yard or your house, it is not always easy to know what they are, and whether they are harmful or helpful. This little guide will help. Spineless is a useful little offering, helping readers to identify crawlers, jumpers and more, and to understand whether they are pal or pest before giving hints on how to deal with them.

As well as a traditional contents page, a second one, titled ‘What’s Doing This?’ offers an easy way to locate pages about biters, chirpers and more. There is also a useful first aid section and a bibliography of further reading.

Author Bronwen Scott is a zoologist with 25 years of studying spinelss creatures. Spineless shares her knowledge in a form accessible to laymen.

Spineless: Dealing with Pests and Pals in Your Home and Backyard

Spineless: Dealing with Pests and Pals in Your Home and Backyard, by Bronwen Scott
Jacana Books, 2009

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